bebusytodo和bebusydoing(动词+doing和+to do 的区别,一篇文章带你掌握)

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bebusytodo和bebusydoing(动词+doing和+to do 的区别,一篇文章带你掌握)

在初中英语学习中,想要取得高分语法和单词这两座大山一定要过,今天小编分享的是初中英语最常考全部英语动词+doing和+to do 的总结 ,千万别再弄混了。


1. keep doing坚持做某事

2. keep sb. doing使某人一直做某事

3. practise doing sth.练习做某事

4. enjoy doing喜欢做某事

5. finish doing完成做某事

6. be afraid of doing 害怕做某事

be busy doing 忙于做某事

7. look forward to doing盼望做某事

8. how about doing、./what about doing做某事怎么样

9. spend some time (in)doing花时间做某事

10. spend some money (in) buying 花钱做某事

11. feel like doing想做某事

12. stop/keep/prevent … from doing阻止某人做某事

13. thank sb for doing感谢某人做某事

14. thanks for doing感谢做某事

15. do some


16. go

swimming/fishing/shopping/skating/boating去游泳、钓鱼、 逛街、 滑冰、 划船

17. mind doing介意做某事

18. can’t help doing情不自禁做某事

19. consider doing考虑做某事

20. have fun doing sth.. 做某事有趣

21. have difficulty doing sth做某事有困难

have trouble doing sth做某事有困难

have problem doing sth 做某事有困难

22. waste time/money doing浪费时间或金钱做某事

23. instead of doing代替做某事

24. miss doing 错过做某事

25. hold on to doing坚持做某事

26. pay attention to doing集中精力做某事

27. suggest doing建议做某事

28. It’s time for doing 到该做某事的时间了

It’s time to do sth. 到该做某事的时间了

29. There is sb doing sth有人正在做某事

30. be used to doing sth 习惯做某事

31. be used for doing sth被用来做某事

32. have a lot of experience具有做某事的丰富经验

33 sb allow doing sth允许做某事

34. put off doing sth推迟做某事

35. succeed in doing sth 成功做某事

36. end up doing以做某事结束

37. give up doing放弃做某事


1. had better (not) do sth.最好(不)做某事

2. would you please (not) do sth 你可以做某事吗?

3. why not do sth.为什么不做某事?

why don’t you do sth.为什么你不做某事?

4. Shall we do sth.?我们要做某事吗?

5. let sb do sth.让某人做某事

6. make sb. do sth. have sb do sth使某人做某事

7. feel sb do sth感觉某人做某事


1. It’s time to do sth. 该是做某事的时候了

2. It takes sb. some time to do sth做某事花了某人时间

3. tell/ ask/ want/encourage/invite/ sb. to do sth.告诉、叫、想、鼓励、 邀请某人做某事

4. Would you like to do sth.?你想做某事吗?

5. It’s good/bad to do sth做某事好/不好

6. It’s good/bad for do sth.对某人来说,做某事好/不好

7. be +adj.+ enough to do sth.足够+形容词做某事

8. sb. is ready to do sth.某人准备好做某事

9. It’s + adj.+ for sb. to do sth. 做某事对某人+形容词(做这件事对你好)

10. It’s + adj.+ of sb. to do sth某人做某事+形容词 (你做这事真好)

11. would like/love /decide/want/wish/to do sth. 想、喜欢、决定、想、希望做某事

12. would like/love sb. to do sth.想让某人做某事

13. prefer to do rather than do sth.宁愿做某事而不愿做某事

例如:I prefer to read rather than write .意思同 I prefer reading to writing. 又如:I prefer to stay at home rather than go out.

再如:prefer=like better ,即:I prefer red.=I like red better.

14. how/ when/where/whether to do sth怎么、什么时候、在哪里、要不要做某事

15. can’t wait to do 迫不及待做某事

16. too … to do … 太怎么样而不能做某事

17. be afraid /ready/able/sure to do害怕、准备、能够、确定做某事

18. It’s time to do sth到该干某事的时候了

19. My job is to do sth我的工作是做某事

20. My dream is to do sth我的梦想是做某事

21. My hobby is to do sth我的业余爱好是做某事

22. refuse to do sth拒绝做某事

23. warn sb to do sth告诫某人做某事

24. pretend to do sth假装做某事

25. teach/learn to do sth 教做某事、/学习做某事

26. need to do sth需要做某事

27. be willing to do sth愿意做某事

28. .try to do sth努力做某事

29. try one’s best to do sth尽某人最大努力做某事

30. agree to do sth同意做某事

31. seem to do sth 好像似乎做某事

32. plan to do sth /make a plan to do sth计划做某事

33. in order to do sth 为了做某事

34. have a chance to do sth有机会做某事

35. find it +adj + for sb to do sth发现做某事是……

36. have sth to do有某事要做

37. There is sth for sb to do对某人来说,有某事要做

38. be anxious to do渴望做某事

39. afford to do sth 支付得起做某事


40. used to do sth 过去常常做某事

41. be used to do sth被用来做某事

42. be supposed to do sth理应做某事,应该做某事

43. allow sb to do sth允许某人做某事

44. sb be allowed to do sth某人被允许做某事

45. the best way is to do sth最好的方法是做某事

46. the next step is to do sth 下一步是做某事

47. have nothing to do with 与某事无关

48. the first thing is to do sth第一件事是做某事

49. it’s best to do sth最好做某事

50. it’s a good time to do sth这是做某事的最好时间

it is a good way to do sth 做某事是个好的办法

51. add to do补充做某事

52. urge sb to do 催促某人做某事

53. educate sb to do 教育某人做某事

54. wait for sb to do等待某人做某事

55. order sb to do命令某人做某事

56. happen to do sth碰巧做某事

57. lead sb to do sth领导某人做某事

58. it's a good place to do sth这是做某事的好地方

59. invite sb to do邀请某人做某事

60. get to do sth设计做某事

61. expect to do 期望做某事

62. volunteer to do sth志愿做某事

63. offer to do sth 主动提供做某事

64. have an opportunity to do有机会做某事

65. get sb to do sth使某人做某事

66. it’s one’s duty to do sth做某事是某人的责任

67. use sth to do sth用某物做某事

68. be sure to do sth一定会做某事

69. have to do sth不得不做某事

70. be able / unable to do sth能够 /不能做某事


1. stop to do/ doing停下来做另一件事 /停止做某事

2. forget to do/ doing忘记去做某事 /忘记做过某事

3. remember to do/doing记住去做某事/记得做过某事

4. go on to do/doing继续做另一件事 /继续做某事

5. like to do/doing 喜欢做某事(临时 /长期)

6. love to do/doing 喜欢做某事 (临时 /长期)

7. prefer to do/doing 更喜欢做某事 (临时 /长期)

8. hate to do/doing讨厌做某事(临时 /长期)


1. begin to do/doing开始做某事

2. start to do/doing开始做某事

3. continue to do/doing继续做某事

4. go on doing 继续做某事

5. take turns to do/doing 轮流做某事


1.hear sb do sth./doing听见某人做某事/ 听见某人正在做某事

2.listen to sb do sth./doing听某人做某事/听某人正在做某事

3.look at sb do sth./doing 看某人做某事 /看某人正在做某事

4.see sb do sth./doing看见某人做某事 /看见某人正在做某事 sb do sth./doing观察某人做某事 /观察某人正在做某事

6.notice sb do sth/doing注意到某人做某事 /注意某人正在做某事

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